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With every purchase, Nemaro Jewelers offers an appraisal of authenticity which includes an approximate retail replacement value of the item purchased and the description of that item. Your appraisal ensures that in the case of loss, damage or theft, your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of your item.

We also allow you to learn the true value and quality of any of your jewelry, timepieces, or gemstones. The most important reason to have jewelry and valuables appraised is for accurate insurance replacement purposes. Appraisals can also be used to determine the value and authenticity of fine jewelry, gemstones, and valuables for estate and tax purposes, divorce settlements, donations or loans. Over the years, the value of jewelry and other valuables can fluctuate, and typically increase.

If an appraisal is over two years old, the stated value could be out-of-date and as a result, your jewelry could be undervalued compared to its current replacement value. There is also the risk of a considerable loss if the jewelry and valuables are lost, stolen or damaged when the replacement values are insufficient and underinsured.

We recommend you have your fine jewelry and valuables appraised once every few years to maintain an accurate value.

We Buy Jewelry

Remember, everything has a value. We welcome you to turn in your unwanted gold and jewelry into cash or store credit. Bring your diamonds and estate jewelry to Nemaro Jewelers for the highest offer possible or trade it in and choose from our extensive collection of beautiful jewelry.

A certified jewelry appraiser will carefully assess each of your pieces to provide you with the most accurate value.

We purchase fine quality pre-owned watches, as well as a wide variety of products such as diamonds, gold, and jewelry in all types of qualities and quantities. We treat you with respect throughout the entire process so you feel comfortable with your transactions, and leave knowing that you made the best decision.


Just like anything else of value, your jewelry needs to be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis to ensure its value, and maintain its beautiful and vibrant look. At Nemaro, we offer proper jewelry maintenance, which includes cleaning each delicate piece while examining for loose stones and other necessary repairs. We offer state of the art repairs to make your piece look new again.

Watch Overhaul & Polishing


A watch is not only an investment, but a practical part of an owner’s everyday life as a symbol of success. As with all valuable possessions, it’s important to keep your watch up to date, and in perfect working condition for centuries to come. With the right care, and maintenance, your watch can last a lifetime and become a traditional part of your family heirloom.

In order to preserve your timepiece, you must have it properly serviced about every 3 years. Why is this so important you ask? A watch is a precision mechanism that has a complex arrangement of wheels and gears that all work in unison with one another. After leaving the factory when it is just built, the watch contains very fine oils that are applied to the moving parts during the manufacturing. Over time, the oils dry up, and the gears begin to run less efficiently and can even slow down or speed up. When a timepiece is running just a few seconds slow, or fast. When your watch runs off pace for a long period of time, it will hinder the gears and cause a lot of pressure on the mechanism of the wheels. If not taken care of, it would damage the watch internally, and you might end up paying a hefty bill for it later.

At Nemaro Jewelers, we have extensive experience in watch overhauls and maintenance, and often times, the people that wear the timepieces don’t understand the full fundamentals that go into an overhaul. There are many steps in an overhaul to make sure everything is in working order and at perfect condition.

The basics of an overhaul are as follows:

Disassembly: First your timepiece will be disassembled extremely carefully to view each component and gear.

Diagnostics: Second we will examine the inner workings of your watch, particularly the movement, and shifting of the gears to see how everything is working.

Repairs: If repairs are necessary, or parts need to be replaced, technicians will conduct this work to get the watch back in tip-top condition.

Lubrication: One of the main reasons that watches either gain or lose time, or present other conditions, is because they dry out. During the overhaul process, we will lubricate the gears and components to ensure that the functionality of your watch is restored.

Reconfiguration: The watch will  then be rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that everything is 100% precise and working perfectly just like the day it was first put on your wrist. Lastly, the watch will conduct a standard testing to ensure water resistence and to ensure that gaskets and seals are in place.



Scratching your priceless timepiece is unavoidable if you wear it religiously. Throughout wear and tear, watches begin to accumulate scratches and scuffs. But have no fear, after being polished and restored, your watch will regain its like- new luster and will shine like the first day you bought it. The process of polishing a timepiece is a tedious one and involves a lot of work. The piece is taken apart and worked with link by link, and screw by screw, to ensure that every inch of the watch is at perfection and shining like a diamond. In order to polish and restore a watch it takes a watchmaker nearly 3-5 hours.